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Here’s Why You’re Dealing With Plumbing Issues

Having plumbing problems can be a real hassle, and sometimes it feels like they just keep coming. Whether you’re dealing with clogged drains or broken pipes, it’s important to understand why these issues occur to prevent them from recurring. In this article, you’ll know the most common causes of plumbing issues and that you need to work with a trusted plumbing contractor to fix them and get back to enjoying your home without any trouble.

Old pipes:

One of the biggest causes of plumbing issues is old, outdated pipes. With age, pipes become corroded and worn out, often leading to clogs or even complete blockages that need to be cleared out with professional help. The older your pipes are, the more susceptible they are to failure, so it’s important to replace them if they’re over 20 years old.

Poor installation:

Even with newer pipes, issues can still arise due to improper installation. If a pipe isn’t installed correctly, it can develop leaks and other problems that can cause major damage to your home. Make sure that any plumbing work you have done is done by a professional who knows what they’re doing and can do it right the first time.

Clogged pipes:

Another common cause of plumbing problems is clogged pipes, which can happen due to everything from the buildup of debris to tree roots invading the pipe. Clogs can cause water pressure to drop and lead to drainage issues, so it’s important to clear them out as soon as possible. This is typically done by using a snake or special chemicals, but it’s best left to the professionals.

Low water pressure:

Low water pressure is another common issue that can have several different causes. From corroded pipes to faulty valves, there are a few potential culprits that can lead to low water pressure in your home. Checking your system for any signs of corrosion or damage is the best way to identify the cause and take steps to fix it.

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